Founded in 2009 as Hungry Fish Media, NutraClick launched with just one product: Force Factor. A few months later, we received a phone call from GNC asking how they could get Force Factor in their stores. We knew that our technology and digital marketing knowledge gave us an advantage, but the skyrocketing success of that initial Force Factor campaign convinced us that we were poised to build something
truly unique.

Since then, the Force Factor brand has exploded in size, with 14 unique products and 105 distinct retail partners. NutraClick has created five more brands, starting with Peak Life in 2010, Stages of Beauty in 2011, Bona Clara in 2012, and Femme Factor and ProbioSlim in 2013. We’ve gone from a startup of just four employees in a tiny office in Cambridge to a company of more than 100 in dynamic downtown Boston—without losing our entrepreneurial spirit and startup feel.

The NutraClick Name

In February 2013, we changed our name to NutraClick to better reflect the company we’ve become, and affirm our commitment to producing cutting-edge health and wellness products that enrich consumers' lives. The Hungry Fish Media name served us well as we got off the ground, but as we grew and defined the focus of our business, we wanted a name that would better reflect our vision as a technology-driven health and wellness products company. NutraClick perfectly captures what we do: deliver health and wellness products that help people in just a few clicks.