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Femme Factor

Premium products

  • Body Fit: Lean Lifestyle Pre-Workout
  • Body Sleek: CLA Fat Burner
  • Body Balance: Natural Cleanse
  • Body Smart: Targeted Multivitamin
  • Body Beauty: Hair, Skin, & Nails Activator
  • Body Pro: Vanilla Bean Protein Powder
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Brand Story

Founded in June 2013, Femme Factor is a sports nutrition brand designed exclusively for a female audience, dedicated to providing products and inspiration to help women at all levels break through whatever personal barriers stand in their way. All Femme Factor products are made from safe, effective ingredients with no harmful side effects. The product development process leads to the creation of innovative supplements that utilize the latest science to help women exercise smarter, not harder.


Femme Factor women come in all shapes and sizes, and range from age 18 to 65+. What they all share is a philosophy of performance and a dislike of achieving anything less than they set out to accomplish. Dedicated to a holistic approach to fitness and continual personal improvement, women who understand the Femme Factor ethic are inherently Smart, Strong, and Sexy.

Growing Retail Presence

Femme Factor products are quickly making their way to retailers across the country. Body Fit, the first supplement in the Femme Factor line, hit GNC shelves in the summer of 2013. Femme Factor's unique formulas are in particularly high demand among dedicated health enthusiasts eager for newer, more efficient ways to achieve optimum fitness, which is why many retailers have expressed an interest in carrying the full line.