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Great Results

“Prior to trying ProbioSlim, I had a lot of bloating. By the beginning of week two is when I noticed most of the changes taking place due to taking ProbioSlim as directed. I noticed less gas and bloated feeling. I had several people ask me if I had lost weight.”
- Christine B. from Newton, MA

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Brand Story

ProbioSlim made its debut on the health and wellness stage as a result of a desire to combine the best in digestive health support with distinct weight management ingredients. Simply put, ProbioSlim is among a new type of condition-specific probiotic formulas – one of the only of its kind to recognize that a combination of gut health and weight management ingredients can lead to holistic healthy living. Beyond simple, single-action fat burners and thermogenic compounds, ProbioSlim trumpets an entirely new category of healthy weight loss. We believe that if any of the traditional diet 'miracle' pills currently on the market really worked, so many of us wouldn't still be overweight.


As Americans continue to struggle with weight control, but remain skeptical of pills, potions, and diets, ProbioSlim offers a healthy alternative and a viable solution. Additionally, the growing acceptance of probiotics for digestive health among physicians and laymen alike, coupled with research on new bacterial strains, are together a prime indicator of the positive reception ProbioSlim has already experienced by a broad audience of male and female consumers.

Drastic Demand Increase

With its launch in July 2013, ProbioSlim has achieved every milestone set, and has experienced double-digit month-over-month growth since inception. Early returns show a tremendous demand for a sensible, more effective approach to digestive health and weight control that's free from
the usual bombastic product claims and outlandish promises.