How We Do It

Customer Service

Our focus on customer service sets us apart from other natural products companies. At our customer service office in Boston, we’ve built a team of customer care professionals who know our products and understand the needs of our customers. Most of the team uses the products themselves. Our staff is committed to ensuring that customers have the best possible experience with our products and brands.


We do our best to help customers find a way to experience the full benefits of our products. Our team is trained in the proper usage of every product, and can help customers identify anything that might be getting in the way of the results they’re seeking. Whether the question is about product use, behavioral modifications, or logistical support, our staff works with each customer as an individual to come up with a personalized solution.


The customer service team is also instrumental in bolstering product sales, both through taking new orders and through sharing our new products with existing customers. Our staff members are experts in identifying customer needs and recommending NutraClick solutions that can help them achieve their health, wellness, and beauty goals.