How We Do It


Our digital marketing expertise is the driving force behind our rapid growth. Display campaigns that show billions of impressions per month promote sales and build recognition for our emerging brands, so our products can help as many people as possible reach their health, fitness, and beauty goals.

Media Buying

NutraClick partners with major publishers, including AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Google, CNN, Fox News, ESPN, and dozens of others around the world.
Our Partners

Campaign Optimization and Analytics

We operate data-driven, direct-to-consumer advertising campaigns. Our marketers work to analyze data on campaign performance, constantly test new marketing materials and strategies, and optimize campaigns from click to conversion.


Our retention team works to build brand loyalty and retain our online retail and subscription program customers through extensive email marketing campaigns, direct mail, packaging inserts, and content-based newsletters. The retention team also employs these strategies to convert potential customers into paying customers.


We constantly test new design and copy strategies for each of our products. Our in-house designers are not only the best in their field, but have an eye for what works well online, from display ads to landing pages. Smart design and creative direct-response copy lead to high click-through and conversion rates.

“Display campaigns in general require not only a knowledgeable selling rep, but more importantly, an advertiser with a high understanding of their goals, and a strong grasp of what they need to do on their end, to accomplish them. The display team at NutraClick has just this level of knowledge and expertise. This has definitely made them a "dream" media partner to work with, and without them, our high efficiency and volume campaigns would not be possible." Nate Cook – Yahoo!