what we do

At NutraClick, we create health and wellness products that enrich consumers’ lives.
That’s what we do, but it’s not the whole story.

We are a technology-driven, multi-channel powerhouse that builds brands.

Online-to-Offline Demand Generation Engine

We begin with innovative products, developed in-house to ensure the highest quality and most effective formulations possible. We get the word out with online marketing campaigns that generate billions of impressions per month, driving sales and building brand recognition. We rely on proprietary technology to facilitate the whole process, tracking data and allowing our marketers to optimize campaigns for maximum efficiency.

We started as an online direct-to-consumer company, but with online campaigns attracting millions of unique visitors per month, and disruptive technology designed to dynamically optimize those campaigns to target high-value prospects, we knew our capacity for demand generation wouldn’t be limited to the digital sphere alone. Within months of launching our first brand, Force Factor, our products were selling at GNC. Now, Force Factor, Peak Life, Femme Factor, and ProbioSlim products are sold at more than 40,000 retail locations around the world.

Our online campaigns are more than just a driver of online sales, they’re an engine for retail growth that allows us to continue building our brands and delivering safe and effective health products to more people. Through the collaborative efforts of the best people in product development, technology, marketing, logistics, sales, and customer service, we’re building a health products company for the digital age.