Our smart, talented employees make NutraClick a great workplace.
Meet a few members of the team to learn what our company culture is all about.

“Working at NutraClick has been a fantastic experience thus far. Being able to help foster the growth of a company with so much potential and knowing that you’re helping others better themselves in the process is extremely rewarding.”

Chris Champagne

Supply Chain Analyst

Chris’s duty at NutraClick is to take our Product Development and Marketing teams’ vision for new products, coordinate with NutraClick’s broad base of supplement and cosmetic manufacturers to bring them to life, and then proceed to deliver our world-class products into the hands of our thousands of customers, as well as our major retail partners.

What Chris Does

Chris’s primary task is to ensure that NutraClick is operating as efficiently as possible from a manufacturing, shipping, and fulfillment standpoint. He does this by using both his quantitative and qualitative skillsets, measuring critical company metrics, as well as negotiating a variety of terms with our supply partners. Chris also acts as a liaison to many internal departments, giving him a broad perspective on where the company is heading and how to best achieve its goals.

“NutraClick is the perfect place for me because there’s nothing I love more than opportunity and challenges. I find great satisfaction in problem solving and being as efficient as possible in all aspects of my life, and knowing where that can take this company makes it all worth it.”

Join Us! About Chris

NutraClick’s dedication to health and wellness for their employees (as well as their customers) plays right into Chris’s active lifestyle. When he’s not working, you can find him lifting weights at the gym, playing basketball, or tearing up the field on the company’s softball team each summer.

“It’s energizing to be around a group that truly believes in what they offer their customers. Everyone at NutraClick is committed to the values of the company and maintains a healthy lifestyle in and out of the office.”

Tania Rangel-Calderas

Business Development Manager

Tania’s expertise in sales and marketing within global markets helps her lead NutraClick’s international expansion efforts. She collaborates with Product Development, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Finance to optimize NutraClick’s international business operations and customer experience.

What Tania Does

As the manager of business development, Tania identifies and evaluates international opportunities, and drives the necessary business relationships to bring NutraClick’s domestic success to new markets. Tania is currently focusing on NutraClick’s Latin America launch by leveraging both her previous experience in the market as well as her personal background and knowledge of the region.

Join Us!

“What impresses me the most about working at NutraClick is the individual impact you have on the company's overall goals and successes. For me, the responsibility of spearheading global projects is an incredible opportunity that challenges both me and the company as we navigate through each new market.”

About Tania

After growing up in five international cities and learning four languages, Tania finally settled in Boston—a place she now calls "home." You can easily say Tania is always up to try something new and thrives in changing environments. When she isn’t crossing new cities off her travel bucket list, she spends her downtime cooking for friends and trying new restaurants. Tania is devoted to NutraClick’s passion for healthy living by staying active through yoga and spin classes.

“At NutraClick, we are committed to formulating products that make a difference. This is a place where young, creative, and enthusiastic people gather under one roof to change the world. Every day, I feel excited to be at work because I am always surrounded by extremely motivated people.”

Mandy Woo

Senior Product Development & Quality Specialist

Mandy researches and develops new skincare products for NutraClick with the goal of bringing the latest technology and efficacious ingredients in beauty to the masses.

What Mandy Does

Mandy specializes in making skincare products for the spa, retail, and online markets. She is constantly tackling the unmet needs in the otherwise saturated beauty industry. She works closely with suppliers and manufacturers around the world to develop revolutionary, effective, and safe skincare products from which every consumer can benefit. Additionally, she manages the product certification process and ensures that products are safe.

“As a Product Development Associate at NutraClick, I can freely express my passion and creativity by creating new products to grow the company. Every project provides opportunities to collaborate across departments to produce the best products possible. The most rewarding part of my work is that I get to share my vision and creativity for skincare products with people around the world through NutraClick’s many distribution channels.”

Join Us! About Mandy

Mandy enjoys working at NutraClick because everyone is friendly, smart, and open-minded. She enjoys learning from her colleagues and spending time with them in and outside of the office. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, she enjoys swimming, dancing, and singing. As a foodie, she enjoys visiting different places to try new, amazing food. Her favorite cuisines are Malaysian food, French food, sushi, ramen, Hong-Kong-style seafood, and Korean barbeque.

“NutraClick is a group of intelligent, driven people who are all working toward the same goal. It’s a lot of fun to be a part of the talented and successful acquisition marketing team.”

Colin Jacob

Acquisition Marketing Manager

Colin is responsible for monitoring, optimizing, and creating content for advertising campaigns with the goal of acquiring new customers for NutraClick’s brands.

What Colin Does

Colin ensures that our campaigns are running at optimal efficiency, allowing the company to produce the greatest returns possible on its marketing investment. He creates content – which ranges from native advertisements to full advertorials – operates self-serve media campaigns, and analyzes data to optimize performance. He finds unique ways to acquire new customers and project the compelling brand stories that NutraClick prides itself on crafting.

Colin especially likes the problem-solving aspect of his job. “We can see how customers are behaving, but when we’re dealing with numbers as large as we are, we can’t ask each individual why they’re clicking on certain things over others. It’s our job to figure out what customers are looking for in a product and how we can show them what NutraClick brands have to offer.”

Join Us! About Colin

Outside of work, Colin enjoys running, playing tennis, and cross-country skiing. If he has a spare minute in a day, he’s probably spending it outside. Other than staying active, Colin loves hanging out with friends, reading good books, learning new recipes, and playing music.